To answer your questions on astrology

RE: astrology for starters

1. For consultation, Laurence James Lucas is good to read your personal chart, he’s helped me a lot, you can see him personally in New Age Shop, or if enough people is gathered ( you coudl organise it on my Facebook page), I could ask if he could teach a small group. I used to have private lesson with him 1 to 1 on astrology.

2. 5 Books good to satrt with ( apart from Susan Miller, who is a great initiator)

-MOON SIGNS》by Sasha Fenton & Jonathan Dee

-Astrology for Lovers》by Liz Greene

-The Twelve Housesby Howard Sasportas

-The Gods of Change》by Howard Sasportas

-Your Personal Horoscope 2009》every year by Joseph Polansky

The best is online personal charts, and face to face reading with an astrologer, it’s worth the money. I hope I could teach you more one day, ENJOY