I love Tilda Swinton

電髮的時候讀雜誌,Tilda Swinton新戲《Io sono l’amore》(《I am Love》)是由她的fans Luca Guadagnino執導,Guadagnino憶述十多年前他如何以有限的英語結結巴巴自我介紹,而Tilda又真係睬佢,共同合作了一齣沒有上映過的短片。

《I am Love》觸目和令我期待是因為:
1.Tilda Swinton又試靚到癲------我是她的影迷20年,最靚screen presence 第一位是《Edward II》,第二位《The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe》中譯唔知乜野魔衣櫥….Alexander Mcqueen的wardrobe在她身上就是synergy: 兩者都變得更powerful; 第三位《The Curious Case of Benjamin Button》,她不是主角,短短的cameo叫人回味無夢=窮,靚過Cate Blanchett十條街。

2.Jil Sander的Raf Simons設計角色Emma整個衣櫥,是 “是periord drama, 因為在時裝的世界,2000年是很久很久以前了,哈哈”

3.這是現代《Madame Bovary》,一個甚麼都有的女人,是不是真的甚麼都有?
4.這是關於 transgression ,I love transgression!因為所有transgression都是爭取自由
5.導演說這transgression是由愛的力量主導,learn about your own myth,especially as a woman-這跟我這一刻的生活主題息息相關
6. 總令我想起那些意大利家族,例如Prada,Ferragamo之類

你睇下,連訪問都咁有型,說話有內涵…she’s been my role model for a long time, and will go on to be!!!連簽名都成個David Bowie 咁,卻又溫柔體量! And She sings! 今年我一定會剪呢個頭!

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  • Davina

    Also liked her in Constantine. Though the role was straight forward, she really stood out. Looking forward to “I am Love”.

  • Lee Lee


  • vi

    i’ve loved her for a long time too – since The Deep End. she doesn’t act, she becomes. she has a big frame which may show “strength”, yet there is so much vulnerability and sensitivity in her at the same time. also loved her in “Michael Clayton” and she’s drop-dead funny in “Burn After Reading”. i think she’s the one of the most versatile actresses out there now, without being over-branded (like Meryl Streep).

  • Totally agreed with you about her vulnerability and the over branded Meryl Streep:)

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  • Thank you very much. Sina has asked me 2 years ago, but I still need to find time to do that….

  • Dear Wini,
    U do reply me, how can I express my feeling? May I sing Fiona’s song “A Reply From Keanu Reeves”?

  • Dear Wini,

    This is Ping Ping from RTHK. I would like to ask if you could share some experiences and viewpoints in our coming TV programme.I have sent the details by email.Sorry if this is an inappropriate way to contact you.

  • dd2-edge

    在Benjamin Button中,她比Cate Blanchett更令我動心。但必須說,Cate也很美。

  • sunnie

    tilda swinton 也是我最喜愛的演員之一, 型, 英, 幽默, 有內涵.

    特別喜愛她說話的 intonation, 標準的英國口音, 清脆, 簡潔, 動聽.

    從內到外, 真正的style icon.
    (style, 不只是看外表的)

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